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Auto Shows – How to Market Your Show for Success

Auto Shows - How to Market Your Show for Success 1

Auto shows are always popular and provide a platform for showcasing your business, products, and services to hundreds of potential customers who can see what you offer at your show. You must take advantage of the show marketing tools and use them to market your business and its services to gain new leads and build stronger relationships with existing clients.

There’s a lot of information about how to market your auto show booth. But some things are unique to auto shows. This blog will give you tips that will help you get the attention of auto-show attendees.

Auto shows have become big businesses in recent years. And they continue to grow by leaps and bounds. So it makes sense that there’s a need for increased exposure for auto show organizers, exhibitors, and event managers.

That’s why we decided to write this post on how to market your auto show for success. We’ll cover the basics of getting attention, engaging with visitors, and making your auto show a success.

Auto Shows - How to Market Your Show for Success 3

Advertising at auto shows

Currently, there are three main advertising methods at auto shows. These are banners, sponsorships, and social media. Each has its own set of pros and cons.


Banners are probably the most common form of advertising at auto shows. But there are some drawbacks. One is that they are easily ignored, especially if you use the same image on multiple banners.


Sponsorships are usually the most lucrative way to advertise at an auto show. This is because you can get a higher percentage of the overall budget than with banners.

But there are some downsides. Sponsorships require you to find sponsors, which can be difficult. Also, subsidies tend to be expensive.

Social media

While social media is becoming increasingly popular, there are still some hurdles for marketers. For example, many auto show events are only open to people already members of the event’s official Facebook page.

Show planning tips

The biggest challenge that every auto show manager faces is to attract a huge crowd of visitors. And the best way to do this is to plan.

There are some basic steps that you can take to ensure that your show is a success:

* Pick the right venue.

* Pick the right dates.

* Choose the right theme and location.

* Get a good press kit together.

* Use the right marketing tactics.

* Plan for success.

Marketing strategies for auto shows

Several marketing strategies can help you attract auto show attendees and bring in more revenue.

I’ve divided the tips into two sections:

• How to target your audience

• How to generate buzz in the industry

Let’s start with the first category.

Get the inside scoop on show planning.

I’m going to tell you a secret. In auto shows, most show planners don’t plan anything. That’s why they call it “planning.”

As a former event manager, I know that shows aren’t planned. They are built.

The key to building your show is understanding how the event fits into the market and then making your presentation around that.

Let’s say you’re planning an auto show in Los Angeles. The show is a month away, and you’re already discussing what to put in your performance.

You’re thinking about the number of cars in your show. How many of those cars are going to be new? How many are going to be used?

How many of those cars are going to be from the U.S.? How many are going to be from overseas? These are all questions that can be answered before you start planning.

How to market your show in person

To successfully market your auto show, you need to understand what makes it unique. What are the most important aspects of your performance? What do people care about?

The answers to those questions should drive your marketing plan.

So what should you do to draw people to your show?

Here’s a list of the top four ways to market your show:

1. Use social media

2. Create a website

3. Print ads

4. Email blasts

Frequently Asked Questions Auto Shows

Q: Where can we find you at an auto show?

A: I am usually at the booth in the Fashion section or the showroom. I have also been known to be at the booth for some after-parties.

Q: What do you like to see at an auto show?

A: I like to see people wearing the latest trends and showing off their style.

Q: What do you dislike about auto shows?

A: I wouldn’t say I like that auto shows are often sponsored by major corporations. They try to convince us to buy a certain car or truck based on how they want us to perceive them rather than what we need. They make it seem like you can get the same car for less money if you buy the sponsored product.

Q: What’s the difference between auto and trade shows?

A: An auto show is one where you are showing off new products. A trade show is where you showcase products for dealerships. You need to know who will attend and who has bought from you before.

Top Myths About Auto Shows

1. Marketing your show to the public will be easy if you have a lot of money.

2. You can hire an advertising company to sell your show.

3. You must use a professional photographer and event planner.


I’m going to be very honest with you. There is a ton of competition in the auto show market. Even though I know that it is a difficult market to break into, I still feel that it is worth taking on. The reason for this is that you have the opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about cars. That passion will likely translate into lots of sales when you start promoting your events. I would start small. Start with just one event and see how it goes.

I was going to write a list of auto shows I thought would be great places to go if you are in the market for a new vehicle.