Tested: New Datsun Go nevertheless lacks refinement in too many approaches

Tested: New Datsun Go nevertheless lacks refinement in too many approaches 1

Johannesburg – In November closing year, Datsun launched the rejuvenated Go hatchback in South Africa to mobilize even more human beings… Human beings also don’t have any preference but to use public shipping, the brand says. That’s continually been the Go’s intention, even though, due to the fact its unique introduction about five years in the past now.

The component is, the compact-automobile segment has been a flurry of activity, with fresh faces attached to some of the competition in a phase that the Go plays in, making it a tougher promotion. Prices have moved on too because it has with maximum new automobiles, but wherein the Go’s big USP changed into its cheapness, the contemporary excessive spec model we had on check proved that throwing trinkets at something isn’t truly precise to start with doesn’t make it better.


So what makes the Go a special vehicle? Well, now not an awful lot definitely, as a great deal as we love compact Japanese hatchbacks.


The new Datsun Go features revised outside and indoors styling enhancements that deliver the car a sporty look. Still, it’s nonetheless dated-searching in comparison to competition inclusive of the Kia Picanto.

You’ll get a redesigned front grille and bumpers and 14” wheels, at the same time as the automobile’s 1.2-liter petrol engine nonetheless produces 50kW at 5000rpm and 104Nm at 4000rpm.

Datsun’s marketing fabric will let you know that this engine is mated to a ‘clean’ five-speed transmission, but the check automobile proved in any other case. Gear changes felt notchy, unprecise, and old fashioned. The blended humming of the engine in addition to the unrefined transmission made it sense like a car from the 1990s, and this is what puzzled me because Nissan made incredible motors in the ’90s within the form of the Sentra and Sabre… They understand a way to build those motors, but the Go feels unfinished.

Standard Spec

As preferred fare in the new Go, relying on the spinoff you move for, you’ll get coloration-coded electric side mirrors, opposite parking sensors, intermittent wipers, vital locking, an immobilizer, ABS, driving force, and passenger airbags, and retractable seatbelts at the same time as the Lux model gets daytime running lighting, a rear windscreen wiper with washer and frame-color door handles.

Our car got here with Apple Car Play connectivity, Bluetooth and USB, a glove box lid, the front, and rear electric windows, electrically powered electricity steerage, electrically adjustable mirrors, redesigned man or woman seats for the driver and the front passenger. Lux variations also boast an ‘independent tachometer’ and a silver finish on the aircon dial, vent, and door handle. Snazzy.

The pressure

Ok, so Datsun says that the Go has a class-leading turning circle of just 4.6 meters, which is best for town riding, but it also lacks refinement on the road.

Not handiest is the engine buzzy; as mentioned earlier, there is a heck of quite a few street noise and wind noise. Now, we are not expecting GT-R ranges of attention to element right here, but come on, this corporation is aware of the way to build solid automobiles…(Remember the Sentra and the Sabre from the ’90s. Great cars.)

Sure, so Datsun isn’t always Nissan, and we remember the fact that but the hyperlink is there, and it’s tough not to look at the ‘cheapness’ inside the vehicle.

It would not sense as sure-footed on the street; the guidance device feels over-assisted. I determined that I needed to no longer simplest rev the automobile to maintain tempo with Jo’burg site visitors; I had to honestly keep it on the boil if I ventured onto the toll road, which made it a tiring drive. Most motors on this phase require a piece of gearbox stirring and revs. However, there is this unrefined feeling within the Go while you’re on the flow that detracts from the pleasure of driving.

In terms of gas intake, Datsun claims 5.2l/100km, which can likely be accomplished if you’re a secure type of driver. We averaged towards 8l/100km (now not bad, however no longer than outstanding for a 1.2-liter motor).


As a brand new automobile, the Go would not make sense to me. It feels vintage to pressure; it is constructed best is not great (take a look at the hinges for the doorways and the tailgate whilst you exit to test drive one.) At least you get a well-known 3-yr/one hundred 000km warranty and an elective carrier plan.