Salman Khan surprises mom Salma Khan with a flowery new luxurious vehicle

Salman Khan surprises mom Salma Khan with a flowery new luxurious vehicle 1

It’s a regarded reality that Salman Khan is a momma’s boy and a doting son. He has pointed out his mom dearly at pretty a few chats, suggests, and activities. According to a Mumbai Mirror document, lately, Salman’s mom Salma has become in want of an automobile for her daily runabouts. She turned into making plans on buying a simple vehicle for her each day use. But while Salman Khan got to recognize approximately his mother’s plan, he now not only offered her a vehicle but an as a substitute expensive one, a pinnacle of the line SUV.


Besides, the file said that Salma changed into blind to Salman’s marvel and turned into stoked to see their compound’s brand new automobile parked. However, she couldn’t use it regularly as she turned into making plans in advance. The motive for this is the car is just too fancy and too tall for her own comfort. She finds it uneasy discomforting to get in and out of it. Hence, it has not been able to use for the day-by-day runabouts.

On the paintings on the front, Salman Khan is busy capturing for Bharat. Directed with the aid of Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat sees Salman reunite with Katrina Kaif and additionally features Disha Patani, Tabu, Jackie Shroff, and a hoard of different actors. A remake of the South Korean movie Ode to my Father, Bharat is about the journey of a man and America’s united states. The movie is slated for an Eid 2019 launch.