Helping broaden ocean racing in Japan

Helping broaden ocean racing in Japan 1

As the primary Asian competitor to participate within the Vendee Globe, Kojiro Shiraishi turned into one of the stand-out figures within the 2016 IMOCA circuit’s headline event. But Shiraishi was compelled to retire after dismasting 29 days into the race, and now the Japanese sailor wants to finish the task.

Shiraishi may be attempting his success once more within the 2020 version of the solo spherical arena race with a new VPLP designed boat that’s due to go away from the Multiplast yard in September.


“It turned into a large honor to be the primary Asian to compete within the Vendée Globe. Now, I need to grow to be the first to complete it. It’s the simplest race that strengthens my clear up and pushes my limits again.”

Shiraishi is eager to take what he learned and put it into his trendy attempt. “It turned into a venture taking component inside the Vendée Globe with such little coaching, and this revel in has enabled me to develop. I made lots of perfect buddies, and I cherished the manner that all my fellow sailors welcomed me within the IMOCA circuit.”

He also hopes to assist increase ocean racing in Japan.

“Before competing inside the Vendée Globe, few people knew this type of race existed. I managed to highlight this high-quality event and extra normally, the sector of ocean racing. That enabled me to discover a new sponsor, DMG Mori, but also to accumulate a new team of children with Simon Suzuki and Federico Sample, who has been a part of Kaijin Team Japan marketing campaign for the Youth America’s Cup. They are very younger and actually need to work on my undertaking.”

On whether Asian sailors can be interested in becoming a member of the IMOCA elegance, he’s constructive. “Besides those kids who are working with me on the Vendée Globe campaign, I also know a Japanese sailor who is attempting to participate in the subsequent Mini Transat, Masa Suzuki. So let’s desire that someday, different Asians will be a part of the IMOCA magnificence.”