Naked Bike Ride in Cologne joins global call for more secure, cleanser streets

Naked Bike Ride in Cologne joins global call for more secure, cleanser streets 1

About 60 bicyclists bared almost all to cycle across Cologne’s western city, selling protection on the streets. German legal guidelines limited the Naked Bike Ride motto ‘naked as you dare’ to the point of modesty.

Sixty bicyclists took part in the first “Naked Bike Ride” in Cologne on Friday. The event is a part of a global collection that started in Canada in 2003 to raise cognizance of biking as a healthful transport choice.

In Cologne, the 2-wheelers wanted to make a particular assertion by way of carrying so little: “We want to factor out that we bicyclists are the maximum prone customers off the street,” said organizer Christian Stunz beforehand of the journey.


The cyclists, whose while ranged from 20 to 60, started their adventure from the center of Cologne on the Rudolfplatz and went over the Deutzer Bridge to the opposite side of the Rhine earlier than passing by using the Dom cathedral inside the middle of the city and pedaling directly to their destination of the Heumarkt inside the antique city.

Stunz additionally emphasized the lighter facet of the occasion: “First and major it has to, of direction, be amusing,” he said. “But we also want to make a publicity drive for bikes.” Wider bicycle lanes on roads and greater attention to bicyclists’ delivery in site visitors are two different marketing campaign targets.

Under German law, nudity is definitely not authorized in public (besides in exact regions like seashores), so the participants could not show all.

A global movement

Other Naked Bike Rides around the arena, including the only in Brighton on the southern English coast, were capable of unclothed as they promoted bicycling as a healthy, environmentally-pleasant shipping option.
The Naked Bike Ride in Mexico City last month drew attention to the high pollution ranges within the visitors-choked city of 20 million humans and 4 million vehicles.

First organized in 2003 by way of Conrad Schmidt in Canada, Naked Bike Rides had been held all over the work given that to “deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-effective global.”

Under the motto “bare as you dare,” the rides have been prepared for a laugh and to seize the eye of pedestrians, motorists, and the media at the same time as extolling the deserves of the bicycle.

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