Lobal Airway Management Accessories and Sleep Apnea Products Markets 2017-2022

Lobal Airway Management Accessories and Sleep Apnea Products Markets 2017-2022 1

DUBLIN, July 12, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — The “Respiratory Care: Airway Management Accessories and Sleep Apnea Products” record has been brought to ResearchAndMarkets.Com’s presenting.

The combined global market for airway management add-ons and sleep apnea merchandise totaled nearly $7.2bn in 2017. It is predicted to climb at a rate of seven—Four% over the forecast duration blanketed by using this analysis.

The two most widespread respiration diseases, allergies, and COPD affect greater than 480 million people internationally. This analysis includes a dialogue of products, contemporary/forecast markets, competitors, and possibilities inside the markets for airway management accessories (HMEs, humidifiers, huge- and small-extent nebulizers, nebulizer compressors, and breathing mask) and sleeps apnea products (OSA monitors and remedy gadgets, and polysomnographs) for the United States, the 5 most important EU markets, Japan, and the rest of world markets.


Sleep apnea merchandise accounted for almost 70% of the overall income. Within the sleep apnea merchandise marketplace, OSA therapy devices accounted for an expected eighty-four % of sales. Four organizations (Philips Healthcare, ResMed, Drive – DeVilbiss, and Claire Medical) keep extra than two-thirds of the whole marketplace.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary
Exhibit ES-1: Airway management accessories and sleep apnea control merchandise, marketplace forecast ($m), 2017-22

Respiratory Disease Overview
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
Exhibit 1-1: Asthma epidemiology, 2016 and 2036
Exhibit 1-2: COPD epidemiology, 2016 and 2036

Sleep Apnea Management Products
Obstructive sleep apnea monitoring merchandise
Products and generation
Market evaluation
Competitive evaluation
Polysomnography products
Products and era
Market analysis
Competitive evaluation
Obstructive sleep apnea remedy merchandise
Products and era
Market evaluation
Competitive analysis
Emerging technologies
Combined market evaluation

Exhibit 2-1: Obstructive sleep apnea monitoring merchandise, marketplace forecast ($m), by way of place, 2017-22
Exhibit 2-2: Obstructive sleep apnea tracking products marketplace, the proportion by way of provider, 2017
Exhibit 2-three: Polysomnography merchandise, market forecast ($m), by way of region, 2017-22
Exhibit 2-four: Polysomnography merchandise marketplace, share by using supplier, 2017
Exhibit 2-five: Obstructive sleep apnea therapy merchandise, marketplace forecast ($m), using area, 2017-22
Exhibit 2-6: Obstructive sleep apnea remedy products marketplace, the proportion by the dealer, 2017
Exhibit 2-7: Sleep apnea management products, mixed marketplace forecast ($m), through the section, 2017-22

Airway Management Accessories
Heat and moisture exchangers
Products and generation
Market analysis
Competitive evaluation
Large-extent nebulizers
Small-extent nebulizers
Nebulizer compressors
Respiratory mask
Emerging technologies
Combined marketplace analysis

Exhibit 3-1: Heat and moisture exchangers, marketplace forecast ($m), by location, 2017-22
Exhibit three-2: Heat and moisture exchangers marketplace, the proportion by a supplier, 2017
Exhibit 3-three: Humidifiers, market forecast ($m), via vicinity, 2017-22
Exhibit three-four: Humidifiers market, the percentage using provider, 2017
Exhibit three-5: Large-quantity nebulizers, market forecast ($m), utilizing the vicinity, 2017-22
Exhibit three-6: Large-volume nebulizers market, the percentage by using provider, 2017
Exhibit three-7: Small-extent nebulizers, marketplace forecast ($m), by using vicinity, 2017-22
Exhibit three-8: Small-quantity nebulizers marketplace, share through provider, 2017
Exhibit three-nine: Nebulizer compressors, market forecast ($m), using place, 2017-22
Exhibit 3-10: Nebulizer compressors market, percentage via the dealer, 2017
Exhibit three-11: Respiratory masks, market forecast ($m), by way of area, 2017-22
Exhibit 3-12: Respiratory mask marketplace, share by way of a dealer, 2017
Exhibit three-thirteen: Airway control accessories, blended marketplace forecast ($m), with the aid of segment, 2017-22

Appendix: Company Listing

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