Tesla Model three Must-Have Accessories

Tesla Model three Must-Have Accessories 1

The Tesla Model 3 is taking the automobile global by way of a storm. It became the first-rate-promoting luxury vehicle inside the U.S. In 2018 and has now all started distribution in Europe and China.

On top, because the Model three is, it is no longer perfect (no automobile is for that be counted). Luckily, the popularity of the Model three (and quite frankly, other Tesla motors) has advocated dozens of o.E.M providers to make all forms of custom accessories for the Model 3. These permit proprietors to improve on some car elements, add options they want the automobile supplied from the manufacturing facility, and put their personal touch on their new trip.


Since getting my Model three approximately a month ago, I’ve already ordered pretty a few add-ons and want to pass alongside a few pointers based on what I’ve learned.

Let’s check some of the accessories we sense Model 3 proprietors won’t want to live without.

1) Wireless Charging Pad

Okay, Elon, what is up with now not having a wi-fi smartphone charging pad standard? I suggest even my dad’s Honda Accord got here with a wi-fi charging pad. Sure, Tesla, these days announced it would soon be selling one as an accent for $a hundred twenty-five, however critically, a wireless charging pad shouldn’t be an add-on for the Model three. Unfortunately, it’s far, so this is probably the first accent maximum Model 3 proprietors will want to get.

There are a few right options available, one among which is made with the aid of Jeda Products. Jeda despatched InsideEVs a complimentary Model three wireless charging pad, so we will take a look at it and assess it. We like what we’ve seen thus far, but we haven’t had sufficient time to fully check it out but and could soon be creating a devoted post with a radical review.

2) A USB Drive For TeslaCam and Sentry Mode

You’ve all seen Sentry Mode movies taking pictures of unscrupulous human beings keying Model 3s in parking masses and the crazy photos of untamed injuries recorded on Model three dashcams (TeslaCam). To get admission to the video, Model 3 proprietors want to buy a USB power and MicroSD.

You will need to layout your power to “FAT32”, unless you buy one this is already formatted, like this one presented by using PureTesla.

However, if you do not get one, it is already formatted; it’s in a quite simple manner. I personally sold this USB Type-C reader because I have a Pixel three smartphone, and I can plug this properly into the smartphone to playback the content instantaneously with no need for an adapter. I formatted it in a few minutes without a problem.
Center Display Screen Protector

The Model three’s middle show screen is the indoors’ point of interest, and it is something you may engage with each time you power the auto. You’ll sincerely want to guard the screen from smudges, contaminants, and scratches. Custom-fit display protectors for the Model three are available for as low as $12, so pick your self up one, and preserve that middle display looking like new.

I bought this screen protector on Amazon for $13.86. It becomes simple to put in, and to date, it appears to be operating out just best.

3) Glass Roof Sunshades

One of the best capabilities at the Model 3 is its glass roof. It’s specifically cool-looking while you’re looking down at the automobile from above. However, what is now not cool is your head whilst you’re driving in direct sunlight.

Even with the darkish manufacturing facility tint that blocks UV light, the heat generated from the glass roof can, in reality, bake your head on warm summer days. I’ve most effectively had my Model three for multiple weeks, and it is no longer full-on summer season warm here in New Jersey but; however, it failed to take me long to comprehend that I truly wished a sunshade. So, I dropped $ seventy-nine.Ninety on this -piece sunshade kit with the aid of SUMK, and it makes a large difference.

Personally, I assume those are truely necessary for each person that drives their Model 3 in temperatures above 85 tiers Fahrenheit. The Model 3’s glass roof is great, however it’s going to genuinely bake your head on warm sunny days without some sort of additional screening.