Best Accessories Under $50 1

You’ve heard it time and time again: A little goes a long way. And when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe, a little can often go even further. Here are some must-have accessories, all under $50, to mix things up in your closet:
Sometimes the best accessories are the smallest ones. These dainty gold rings on sale from Isabel Marant are just that—small enough to become an everyday staple, plentiful enough to add an element of cool to every outfit. Stack them, split them, rearrange them—the possibilities are endless, and you’ll never get tired of them.
Bee Embossed Pendant Necklace

Best Accessories Under $50 3
Is there anyone in an Instagram-worth restaurant not wearing a pendant necklace around her neck? The trend is no accident. With an alluring design to satisfy the deepest of V-necks and a coin to add a desirably vintage feel, it’s an alluring statement piece. The bee on this chain is perfect for summer, as are the clothes you’ll be wearing it with: breezy wrap dresses or a plain white tank are ideal.

Coach Rexy Shoe Patch

What exactly is a shoe patch, you ask? This little accessory slides right onto your laces to give those plain white sneakers, or any laced kicks for that matter, some personality. A T-Rex is the fiercest option from Coach, but you can also go for a lightning bolt, unicorn, skull, or bow—stock up on a few so you can switch them out, depending on your mood.

See by Chloé Multicolor Bomb iPhone 6/7/8 Case.

Even if your phone isn’t at the center of your life, a stylish case can still be an important accessory. This one by Chloé is guaranteed to elevate your look and make your style feel fresh, even if this is the only change you make to it. The cheery yellow color and the explosive pattern will brighten up your day—or your mirror-selfies—wherever you are.

Vans Clear Cut Visor

The visor is making a comeback, and it’s easy to see why: The open-top keeps your head cool and lets your hair fly free however you style it, while the brim keeps you in control of your tan. Stay racer-sharp with this one from Vans: The signature checkerboard pattern and thermoplastic shell give it an ’80s vibe, while the simple black-and-white color scheme keeps it versatile. Toss it in your beach bag to bring some skater-chic looks to the waters, or add it to your early-evening wardrobe: Think ripped, skinny black jeans and a loose black T-shirt.

Squared Thick Frame Sunglasses

Experience la vie en rose through these pink-lensed sunglasses. The thick square frame brings to mind retro eras—is it the ’60s or the ’00s?—but possesses a modern feel nonetheless. They’re fashionable in a shape that can satisfy any face. These are undeniably statement glasses, but a flattering pair. The look can change with how you pair it: Add ahead- or neck-scarf, and you might as well hop into a convertible à la Brigitte Bardot.

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