Car Accessories & Legally Modified Cars in India: A guide to legally regulate your vehicle

Car Accessories & Legally Modified Cars in India: A guide to legally regulate your vehicle 1

A preceding Express Drives story mentioned the Supreme Court Order that outlined that all modifications to the structure of a vehicle that is not referred to inside the registration certificates were outlawed. That is if the one’s modifications are achieved without the consent of the local Regional Transport Office. However, over the course of the closing two weeks, we acquired dozens of emails and personal messages asking whether this law turned into absolute and whether there are any exceptions to the regulation. Having probed the finer elements of the matter, here is what we recognize!

We have all been there, and for true motive, changed cars are exceptional! In the past, we’ve got even executed many a tale approximately changed Thars and even some modified Maruti Suzuki Swifts; however, now, if the Supreme Court starts the crackdown, all of them ought to soon be a component of the past!

Let’s start with adjustments that can be outlawed. Changing the paint on your motor car to something no longer noted as in step with your registration certificate, even wraps for that rely on, can not be achieved without getting the color of your automobile modified as consistent with your registration certificates through notifying your registering RTO. Upsized wheels that exchange the tune (width among tires) of your car are totally unlawful, although minor changes that do not exchange the automobile’s size are viable.


As to what modifications you can make, consistent with section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act, any changes you are making to the automobile must not exceed 2% of the car’s weight, consistent with your registration certificate. Perhaps, most significantly, adjustments to the auto, which are required to be adapted motors for unique purposes and the use of disabled individuals, is possible. With subsequent approvals for the adapted automobile, modifications can be made to a vehicle provided that such alteration complies with such conditions as can be imposed via the Central Government.

Finally, other modifications that might be criminal include retrofitting of safety equipment as prescribed by the central authorities. Also, the regulation additionally safety in case manufacture coverage voids the alteration mentioning “ Provided further that the Central Government may additionally prescribe specifications, conditions for approval, retro fitment and other associated subjects for the alteration of motor vehicles and in such instances, the warranty granted by using the manufacturer shall no longer be taken into consideration as void for the functions of such alteration or retro fitment.”