Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Boat Audio System

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Boat Audio System 1

When you are trying to make your boat more of an enjoyable ride, it pays to look into a great set of marine speakers. By looking into purchasing the best marine audio gear on the market, you’ll take to the water in style and comfort.

So what should you know about purchasing one of these audio systems? We’d be glad to help.

This article’s tips will teach you more about purchasing a boat audio system for your favorite marine vessel.


How to Find the Best Boat Audio System

Take a look at the specs and features of any audio system that you’re thinking about purchasing. You have plenty to choose from if you’re interested in purchasing an audio system for your boat.

Consider these specs so that you find the best audio for your boat:

1. Find a Boat Audio System That is Water Resistant

Durability is everything when you are searching for a new boat audio system. First and foremost, make sure to choose one that is water-resistant.

This audio equipment has to be shielded from water damage to don’t corrode or short circuit. If the system becomes submerged, then it won’t operate correctly and could become damaged beyond repair.

2. Look for Enriched Audio Quality

When you’re looking for a marine audio system, you’ll have to focus on quality more than anything else.

Audiophiles will want to check out the specs for any marine audio system they’re looking into purchasing. Consider the speaker configuration and the number of decibels it reaches. Many electronics stores will allow you to try out their speaker system in-house so that you can get a clear representation of how it plays.

Choose an audio system that gives you high definition sound, whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

3. Think About the Type of Boat That You Own

Be mindful of the type of boat that you own as well, along with the size. You will need an audio system that can accommodate the boat, so you and your passengers can hear the audio crisply and clearly anywhere on it.

The type of boat you own will also dictate how it is hooked up and what kind of power supply you need.

4. Research the Wattage for Your Sound System

The power output of your boat’s audio system is also an important matter to consider. This power is measured in wattage.

In most cases, an audio system might have power between 400 watts and 600 watts. Get to know this information to determine what your boat can accommodate and how much you actually require.

5. Find Some Subwoofers for Your Car Audio System

Your marine audio system isn’t complete without a nice set of subwoofers. The subwoofers are helpful because they allow you to bring out more depth and richness in the audio that you are listening to.

Subwoofers provide bass and lower frequencies to add other dimensions to what you are listening to. Since you are considering subwoofers, you also need to come up with a plan to install them.

These subwoofers can be installed inside of a marine dashboard or mounted elsewhere on the boat. Choosing the right subwoofer is a must if you own a party boat or otherwise plan to play plenty of upbeat music.

6. Choose Speakers That Have Sun Protection

It’s also important that you look into an audio system that is protected from direct sunlight. Today’s boat audio systems come with varying degrees of ultraviolet (UV) protection so that the sun doesn’t strip it away or damage the system.

You can add some optional protection to the speaker systems in a custom grille or protective cage.

7. Understand What Kind of Power You’re Working With Onboard

The wiring configuration and other parts of the power setup are essential when purchasing an audio system for your boat. Take a look at your boat setup and figure out how you want to install the new system.

If you are replacing your old marine vessel audio, you can lay down the parts over the existing wires and rails. It would help if you also considered the power and voltage of your battery and the electrical system’s circuitry and grounding components.

8. Get in Touch With an Installer That Can Assist You

When you are interested in purchasing a new audio system for your boat, you also have to chat with a qualified professional that can assist you. By touching base with a shop specializing in these systems, you will get guidance on which you should purchase.

They will also walk you through the installation or will handle the project for you. When you talk to a few different audio shops, you can weigh your options on the different available systems.

Shop for the Perfect Boat Audio System

This article’s information can help you out when you are looking into getting a boat audio system. The tips above will help you out anytime you’re looking for the type of boat audio equipment best for you.

If you are looking into a marine audio system that will be best for your boat, you can check around for more of our posts to help you find the information you are looking for.

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