‘Friends’ Furniture And Accessories Will Be Sold At Pottery Barn, Including The ‘Apothecary Table’

‘Friends’ Furniture And Accessories Will Be Sold At Pottery Barn, Including The ‘Apothecary Table’ 1

Friends are popping 25 this fall, and it’s one way or the other going more potent than ever. The sitcom stays so liked that afterword came an ultimate week that it would truly be leaving Netflix next 12 months, human beings had been devastated. (Incidentally, you may buy the entire run on Blu-ray for approximately a hundred dollars and watch it while you want.) But in case your Friend love goes above and past, there will soon be a manner you may cosplay as Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler and Phoebe and Joey.


As in keeping with Deadline, Pottery Barn will, come past due July, be selling various Friends-associated furniture, add-ons, and miscellany. You’ll quickly be able to own a Central Perk espresso mug, as an example. Ditto the well-known apothecary desk from the Season 6 episode entitled “The One with the Apothecary Table.” In that one, Rachel offered the desk from, of all places, Pottery Barn. But upon studying Phoebe hates Pottery Barn — once more, the location to soon peddle the apothecary table from an episode that capabilities anti-Pottery Barn rhetoric — Rachel claimed it turned into a one-of-a-type vintage shop discovery. Farcical hilarity ensued.

Pottery Barn isn’t the first retailer to get in on ongoing Friends mania. Earlier this yr IKEA introduced itself. They had been promoting furniture stimulated using Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and, sure, the one with the six Manhattanites sitting around coffee shops and from time to time pairing off. But did they have an apothecary table? No, no, they did no longer.

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