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Five Excellent Steps of Importing a Car from a Genuine Car Dealer

Five Excellent Steps of Importing a Car from a Genuine Car Dealer 1

Do you have a dream of owning your car? Have you identified the type, make, age, body type, and mileage of the car you intend to buy? Well, you still have a long way to go. These are not the only requirement you need to know while buying your dream auto. After getting the actual picture of the car you desire, the next step is importation. That is if you decide not to work with the local car sellers in your country.

This article will help you know the steps you need to follow until your dream car arrives at your doorstep.

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Select a Genuine Dealer 

Car dealers are of great help, especially in such a tiring process. Suppose you choose to work it out alone. While deciding, it is wise to select a company with a physical location in your country. Take your time and outsource different companies from the internet, check on a different website for comparison, check out their customer services. How legal the dealer is in your country and the country you intend to import your car from.

Make a Purchase 

After you have identified a car dealer like car news Australia who will hold your hand in the entire process, the next step is to agree on the amount and how you will place your first deposit. This will help them start the importation process. It will require you to be extra careful if the company you are dealing with requires you to make a full payment.

Auto Inspection and Deregistration 

They will deregister your car after you make your payment. This is because of its previous registration number or its origin. You should not buy a car that is over eight years old. They will inspect your vehicle through your country’s standards, rules, and regulations that are endorsed in your country. E.g., the logbook from the country you imported the car from.

Car Shipping 

The dealer of your choice will help get the ship from the country you are purchasing from. They will organize the whole process for you, and they will also be responsible for letting you know if the whole cost is inclusive in the total purchase or require you to pay an extra cost for shipping alone and how long it will take to receive your vehicle. This information should come from your dealer, not the shipping company.

Registration and Clearing

Once your car arrives in your country, you need to pay your country duties depending on the type of car you have bought. The car dealer can decide to complete the process for you at a small fee or decide to do it yourself. It would be easier for the dealer because they know the offices to go to, and they have a direct relationship because they are experts in that area to save much of your time. They require you to enquire from them before the process starts.

Now that you have the complete process in your mind importing your dream car will be easier. Reach out to car news Australia for more and expert advice.