Will the BMW M2 CS be the car to get in 2020?

Will the BMW M2 CS be the car to get in 2020? 1

The BMW M2 CS remains an open secret. While the Bavarians have yet to formally know the supped-up M2, several magazines and sources have suggested its existence. Late final year, we exclusively said that production is apparently scheduled for March 2020, and as expected, it’ll be a limited run.

While some of the media, which includes us, have classified the brand new M2 because the CSL version, in fact, the approaching, restrained brilliant-sporty M2, will carry the M2 CS badge on its boot. This falls in line with the opposite CS models of the M circle of relatives – M3 CS, M4 CS – so it comes as no marvel that the CS name turned into reserved for the M2 as properly.


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The March 2020 production will provide the M2 CS about a yr run before the next era is replacing the M2. In a manner, the limited run is just like what the 1M Coupe turned into in 2011. Whether the unit numbers are confined artificially or with the aid of the plant output is unknown right now, even though it gained’t be easy to search out one in every one of them.

Just like the M2 Competition, the CS model will make use of the S55 engine, but with slightly extra strength,

The largest query could be just how a whole lot greater strength the M2 CS will get. The M2 Competition’s S55 engine develops 405 HP, and that’s not even near the real potential that the mill has. The degrees ought to pass up to 415 HP on the CS, but that’s not critical. The focus can be on the handling and weight, no longer the brought electricity, as BMW proved that’s the least of one’s issues while pushing a vehicle to the limit.

Just like any right sports car, the M2 CS will likely convey a tuned-up suspension and guidance rack, more effective brakes, and a few aero bits as well. Inside we will likely see some trims and seats unique to the M2 CS model.

With BMW M increasing its lineup horizontally within the last decade, it is now time for special version models to be built upon the base M automobiles. And reputedly, that’s exactly the plan prepared by using the brand new BMW M CEO Markus Flasch, who took over from Frank Van Meel in late 2018.