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Best Air Compressor Oil Substitute

Best Air Compressor Oil Substitute 1

What is an air compressor? What is its usage? Best oil substitute for air compressor. If you also want to know all about air compressors and air compressors oil, you must go through the article below.

To fill the gas cylinders, air compressors are used for supplying clean air of high-pressure. Also, it helps to provide moderate-pressure clean air to the submerged surface supplied diver and to some office and school building pneumatic HVAC control system valves. One crucial thing that an air compressor does is circulate the refrigerant system that is under pressure. It helps to concentrate the heat that it contains. The compressor does the conversion of low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas.

Air Compressor

An air compressor needs oil to help in the compression process by reducing the lubrication breakdown due to internal functions—the lubricants help to seal the gaps between the screw elements. The oil is required to be changed in three months if the compressor is reciprocating. Or you can change after every 1000 or 2000 hours of usage if the compressor is rotary screw one.

If you think you can use any normal oil for an air compressor, that is not good for an air compressor. Different types of air compressor oil are available.

An air compressor with high duty needs compressor oil; the smaller 12v air compressor does not require oil to work. The air compressor oil should always be chosen for the air compressor. That air compressor does not last long, which comes sealed from the factory. In that type of oil-less air compressor, you can not lubricate again. Whereas in the oil-lubricated air compressor, you can lubricate again, and it has a longer life span. It needs proper maintenance, but it is so simple to be maintained.

When you belong from a warmer place as per the manufacturer’s guidance, you should go for SAE30 oil for the air compressor. On the other hand, if you live in a much colder place, then SAE20 oil would be best for your air compressor. The SAE30 oil has more viscosity than the SAE20 one. Viscosity is one of the crucial factors that you should be concerned about. If the oil is very thick, it can cause damage to your air compressor.

High viscosity oils can work or function unpredictably when the temperature varies. Above 120F or below freezing point, your oil is going to react differently. Before buying the oil, make sure the oil is appropriate for the area you live in—generally, the temperature range where an oil works are mentioned in the package itself. Apart from your area’s temperature, your oil will also produce heat, so keep it in mind while purchasing the oil.

Always there will be a small amount of additive or preservative added to the oil to keep it fresh for a long time. So you must pay attention to the additives used in the oil. An additive used in the oil has some properties which are beneficial and some that are harmful. For example, diesel detergent additives, which are good for cleaning diesel engines, are harmful to the motor that can reduce its lifespan.

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Synthetic base or mineral oil base, there are only two types of base that can be used to make air compressor oil. When a mineral oil base is used in the oil, that is called standard oil. On the other hand, where a synthetic base is used, that is known as synthetic oil. You need to know the amount of work you need from your air compressor to choose between those air compressor oil. The standard oil compressor is good for those who do not require much work from an air compressor.

And also, these are cheaper when compared to synthetic ones. The standard oil picks up from light to medium-duty compressor work. But for the people who use the compressor daily and do heavy work with it, synthetic oil will be the best suitable oil for you. Even if you use a compressor three to four times a week, a synthetic one will be better. In a synthetic blend, the compressor works lightly and smoothly. Even synthetic oil will be protecting the air compressor from overheating issues. Also, the synthetic blend oil has a wider range of temperature.

Air Compressor Oil Substitute:

  • Hydraulic Oil: These oils have less viscosity which makes them suitable for use in colder places.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF): They wear and tear, prevent breakdown, and are generally used in car transmission.
  • Motor Oil: Motor oils generally contain detergent, which has a good effect on the internal combustion engine.

Some of the best air compressor oil:

  • Powermate Px P018-0084SP: This oil is suitable for people who generally live in colder areas.
  • Royal Purple 01513: With standard viscosity and high-performance royal purple oil, synthetic oil is the best air compressor choice.
  • Campbell Hausfeld MP12: The oil reduces carbon build-up on valves and pumps of the compressors’ life span.

So many people also want to know, “How should I put oil in the air conditioner compressor?” So here is the answer to such questions :

The large line entrees at the intake part or lower side. So pour at that part of your air conditioner but do it slowly. For functioning properly for a longer period, your air conditioner needs lubricants. So it is needed to add oil to the air conditioner.

If you want to check air compressor oil level, you can do it effectively in an oil-lubricated compressor through a calibrated dipstick or sight glass. Air compressor oils are easily available on online shopping sites like Amazon and all. But in case you want to buy it offline, you can get it at any auto-parts shop near you.

So, here is all the required information regarding air compressor oil. You can go through it. Also can know what you want to know.