8 Must-Have High-Tech Car Gadgets

8 Must-Have High-Tech Car Gadgets 1

Cars have come a long way in the past century. From open-air wagons with an engine to sleek and modern cars that can get up to speeds of 200 mph or more on the roads, technology has accelerated car design and manufacturing innovation. Along with improved car the design comes improved car gadgets and accessories. Some options make your life simpler, safer, and more convenient. Here are 8 must-have high-tech car gadgets.

Car Charger

Car Charger for Electric Cars

When driving around the latest Tesla or hybrid electric car, it’s critical to have the best charger. Some charging stations take a long time to add power back to your vehicle. Why not get a Tesla fast charger to ensure you can be back on the road in no time? It’s essential to look for charging stations with similar technology to get juiced up more quickly. These high-tech chargers are a must-have for electric car owners.

Dash Cam

Have you ever been in a hard crash for insurance companies and police to discern what happened? Do you want less liability because you can prove your side of the story? It would help if you had a dashcam. By installing your dash camera, you can rest assured that what happens on the road while driving or parked in a parking lot will be documented. It’s like a Ring for your car.

Jump Starter

Have you ever been stuck with a dead battery and no way to charge it? You’re at the mercy of waiting for your roadside assistance or a friend to give you a jumpstart. The good news is that portable jump starters are available to help you get out of a bind. You can easily give yourself a jumpstart or help someone stuck in a difficult to maneuver spot. These small batteries pack a powerful punch to get you up and going in just a short time.

Car Vacuum

You no longer need to schedule a time to get your car detailed. Instead, you can easily pull out your handheld vacuum designed for getting the most challenging dirt and grime out of your seats and carpets. This might sound low-tech, but companies like Dyson have created powerful vacuums that have plugs that go in your cigarette lighter and can give you a professional quality vacuuming.

Integrated Interfaces

How often do you find yourself looking at your phone while you drive? It’s a bad habit that, truthfully, I do at one time or another. Whether you are trying to make a quick phone call or quickly respond to an email, integrated interfaces help you do it all. It’s safer to do these things with better interfaces with voice-command features and technology that keeps your eyes closer to the road. New technology can even integrate your phone apps into your steering wheel or car console.

Amazon Echo

Want access to all your music and the great content on Amazon? Get an Amazon Echo for your car. You can easily use the technology to get the weather, the news, play music, pay for gas, etc. They have 8 speakers to help the sound better travel in a car, and it’s just as responsive to your voice commands as a home Echo would be.

Wireless Hotspot

Want to help your passengers be more productive for carpooling? Add a wireless hotspot to your car. This little gadget can go a long way to assisting people in getting work done while driving long stretches. You can also connect multiple devices, including music devices, without getting reduced speeds like you would if you turned your phone into a hotspot.

Anti-Sleep Alarm

Are you one of those who must drive long distances and find yourself dozing at inconvenient times? An anti-sleep alarm is a powerful safety gadget that can warn you when it senses you starting to fall asleep. You won’t need to rely on whether you are veering into the shoulder or putting yourself and others in danger. Driving long stretches is essential, but even with the best sleep can leave some drivers tired of the long distances. Using the sensors on these devices can help you prevent at least one of the 100,000 sleep-related accidents annually.