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Hyundai’s Hydrogen-powered Car Coming To India In 2021

Hyundai’s Hydrogen-powered Car Coming To India In 2021 1

Shortly after launching India’s first long-variety electric vehicle, Hyundai is already planning to bring its next green automobile. Except, this one isn’t simply an EV, it is a hydrogen-powered SUV, the Nexo, wherein the most effective emission is easy to water.

Hyundai’s Hydrogen-powered Car Coming To India In 2021 3

Hyundai Motor India’s Managing Director and CEO, SS Kim, said: “The Nexo is already on sale in Korea, and we can be launching it in India in 2021. We could be partnering in constructing the required infrastructure for the Nexo in and around the Delhi-NCR vicinity.” The Nexo makes use of hydrogen gasoline cells to power an electric motor and has quite a number over 600km at the WLTP test cycle (global harmonized mild-responsibility automobiles test procedure) in Europe, 800km within the Korean take a look at cycle and Kim believes, in India, it could deliver over 1000km.

The Nexo’s electric motor has an output of 163PS of power and 395Nm of torque with a 0-100kmph time of nine.2 seconds. It’s drastically larger at 4670mm longer than the Creta and, nonetheless, bigger than the Tucson. It is a premium imparting with a bunch of comforts and riding assists within the worldwide markets. It is based totally on a newly developed platform that integrates three tanks with a volume of 52.2 liters of hydrogen each – 156.6 liters in overall. Hyundai says it most effective takes five minutes to refuel the Nexo’s tanks, which is a large benefit over EVs.

Hyundai had showcased the Nexo at the India-Korea summit in 2018 and will probably begin checking it out right here in 2020. While the Kona Electric changed into these days launched for Rs 25.3 lakh (ex-showroom India), the extra advanced Nexo might be priced substantially better despite the approaching tax reforms for easy energy automobiles India. Like the Kona, the Nexo would also be offered in restricted cities before the desired infrastructure is set up thru personal partnerships, starting with Delhi-NCR.

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