Audi India Appoints Balbir Singh Dhilon As New Head, Rahil Ansari Moves To Audi’s Headquarters

Audi India Appoints Balbir Singh Dhilon As New Head, Rahil Ansari Moves To Audi's Headquarters 1

Balbir Singh Dhillon has replaced Rahil Ansari to become Audi India’s new head. Dhillon presently heads provider improvement and could be taking on his new position from September 1, 2019. Dhillon has 23 years of experience inside the automotive enterprise and began his second stint with Audi India in July 2018. Dhillon re-joined Audi India in July 2018 after his previous stint between 2007 and 2012 as head of sales subject pressure. He had advanced labored in the Sales branch, Network Profitability, Business Strategy, and Field Sales. Balbir has additionally worked with Audi Middle East, Porsche India, and Honda India in his preceding roles.

Commenting on Dhillon’s appointment Michael Frisch, Vice President Region Overseas Audi AG, said, “Balbir has been a part of the Audi crew in India and Middle-East, and we’re confident that he’ll take the emblem forward in India while marketplace attempts to dollar external elements and grow. He brings with him sound expertise of the emblem, the luxury phase, and automobile sector spanning his 23 years of nearby and worldwide revel in, which bodes properly for us.”

Excited approximately his new role, Dhillon stated, “My singular attention might be on taking Audi beforehand in a sustainable and worthwhile manner with pleasure for all our stakeholders similarly to customers. Rahil has already set in movement a brand new momentum for us, and I sit up to build on that foundation as we pass towards the era of electrification and digitalization in India.”

Rahil Ansari had joined Audi India in February 2017 and has managed numerous projects when you consider that than which encompass GST transition and steerage Audi through challenging luxurious vehicle market surroundings in India. Audi AG has selected him for a critical position at Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt. In his new task in the Finance division, Ansari will take the Senior Director, Central Sales Controlling (Global).
According to Frisch, “Rahil’s contribution has been titanic for Audi India. He becomes a true representative of Brand India at AUDI AG and has created the muse for future achievement. The work he has accomplished will provide a sustainable business and profitable network in India with new virtual client-centric activities. Rahil’s strong commercial enterprise acumen has been notably stated within the HQ, which is why he has been presented one of these senior function.”

Speaking about his tenure with Audi India, Ansari stated, “I firmly consider that the revel in I have gained in India in my diverse stints has gone directly to assist me in my worldwide assignments. If you can pleasure the Indian consumer and navigate the Indian market complexities, you gain valuable insights. While looking forward to my new stint, I will honestly miss the first-rate group and Audi India’s own family with whom I had a few incredible times. I even have known Balbir closely over time and am assured he’s going to play a pivotal position in realizing Audi’s targets inside the country.”
Ansari will maintain to head Audi India until Dhillon took up the brand new position in September 2019.

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