Datsun Heritage Museum experience

Datsun Heritage Museum experience 1

Bothaville, South Africa; population – 46,000; industry – maize farming; general vicinity – forty-three sq. Km. Hardly an area you’d count on to locate a vehicle museum. However, in the center of South Africa, it’s precisely here that you’d find a large series committed exclusively to Datsun and Nissan. With over two hundred motors beneath its roof, it’s believed to be the most important private series of Datsun and Nissan motors globally.

Yes, that is the private property of 1 man – Freek de Kock. Labour of his love for the brand, he commenced accumulating the motors with the sole aim of fulfilling a private ardor. Today, however, the gathering is open to the general public, and those who make the adventure right here are handled to a few superbly-restored fashions. Not all are in exceptional shape, of the route; automobiles are introduced here in all situations, from pristine to those in absolute disrepair and overlook. The latter is slowly and step by step being restored. He’s even got himself a workshop, a party barn, and a paint booth entire with its very own air-filtration gadget.


With over half the gathering now not yet showpiece-geared up, the facilities are put to exact and constant use. Many different Datsun owners also commenced approaching de Kock to repair their automobiles at his facility, which changed into a request he used to oblige with thankfully; however, now not anymore, he says. His fundamental recognition is now on completing his personal collection earlier than starting his door to others. Although tongue-in-cheek, he does say this will in all likelihood by no means happen as he’s still shopping for more and more automobiles.

Currently, the museum is a small showroom that’s jam-packed with approximately 40 vehicles. They are all in wonderful shape and, importantly, for Freek De Kock – all are driveable. Yes, he does power them all. In truth, pretty graciously, he took us out for a spin in some. Of course, you get to peer more than just the showroom cars. Cars that aren’t equipped for the spotlights yet are housed in a big warehouse adjoining to the principal showroom, and you can pass inside to take in all the automobiles.

Historically, the Datsun brand has been very famous in South Africa and evokes a sturdy emotion. Quite manifestly, Freek De Kock’s series has attracted a whole lot of interest, with consumers making purchase offers every so often. They aren’t on the market, although. Freek will, but barter for some other Datsun or Nissan. Of the over two hundred cars in his series, he proudly states that he’s simplest imported about six or seven motors, with the relaxation being sold from owners in South Africa. His collection now consists of the whole thing from 300ZXs, Fairlady, Skylines, Frontier pickups, GT-Rs (which includes a totally uncommon four-door version), and, of course, quite a few devices of his favorite model – the Datsun 240Z.