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Here’s How You Can Differentiate between an Armoured Vehicle and A Regular Car.

When you think about armoured vehicles, are you reminded of a scene from ‘Olympus Has Fallen’- sleek, shiny and black, standing out from the rest and equipped with the latest technology? Or do you think about armoured tanks, big and bulky, slowly moving towards their target?

In reality, armoured vehicles are not very close in description to either of these. Recent technology has enabled armoured vehicles to look like your regular car. Their specifications are, however, still very different from normal cars. This is because armoured cars usually carry around VIPs, hence they try to remain as inconspicuous as possible, as least in terms of exterior designs. There are still many ways you can differentiate between an armoured vehicle and a regular car.

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  1. Ballistic technology.

This is the basic requirement for any armoured vehicle. All the glass, doors and panes bulletproof. The glass is also shatterproof, and is manufactured using leaded glass and polycarbonate substrate. The glass is three inches thick. This technology enables the windows and doors to absorb any sort of impact and spread it out evenly through the exterior, so that the people inside the car can be safe. An easy way to identify armoured vehicles- they will always have blackened windows.

The exterior frame is made with ballistic-grade steel. This is a major difference between armoured vehicles and regular cars.

  1. Larger tires and bumpers.

You can take a look at the size and shape of the tires and bumpers to understand whether the vehicle is armoured or regular. This is because armoured vehicles almost invariably have bigger bumpers and tires, since they are manufactured to keep moving until the passengers are taken to safety. Larger bumpers can withstand a greater impact and bigger tires can function even when they are punctured.

  1. Specialized mechanics.

This obviously will not be very visible from the outside, but if you ever manage to observe the interiors of an armoured vehicle, you will notice that the mechanics are vastly different from that of regular cars. There will be modified brakes, specialized engine components and weapon activation systems, to name the most common specifications. Therefore, driving an armoured vehicle would require a much higher level of competence. As such, only trained personnel are allowed to drive these for security reasons.

You have probably come across many armoured vehicles but not been able to recognize them- therein lies the ingenuity of the manufacturer, since efforts are still being made to make these vehicles as less conspicuous as possible. A lot of times, these cars are very bulky in order to accommodate all the specifications, and efforts are being made to make them lightweight and more mobile. The next time you are in two minds, look for the telltale signs to know whether it is an armoured vehicle or a regular car.