Ferrari battles Porsche in Top Gear overdue brake project

Ferrari battles Porsche in Top Gear overdue brake project 1

Top Gear demanding situations oughtn’t to be high-minded global affairs to be fun. This specific challenge has the whole thing we’ve got come to assume: risk, praise, chance, competition, amusement, and only a sliver of the educational price.

Matt Leblanc and Chris Harris are on one end of an airport runway, armed with top-tier sports motors: a Porsche Panamera Sports Turismo and a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. At the other quit of the runway is the sea. The intention? To boost up as rapidly as possible before hitting the brakes. The loser is either the car that’s slower – or the one that ends up at the bottom of a watery grave.

Matt Leblanc, in the Ferrari, has the performance advantage, at least on paper. Of path, the driver’s intestinal fortitude is also a first-rate component – who’s braver, and who will break later? The Ferrari makes it to 177 miles in line with an hour earlier than Leblanc hits the brakes, coming to a nice, neat stop with a pair dozen toes of pavement in front of the bumper. It’s a tidy run with an impressive result.


Next up is Chris Harris within the Panamera Sports Turismo. He uses the Panamera’s overboost characteristic, with a purpose to provide the engine an extra rise in power for up to twenty seconds at a time. That’s greater than enough time, in this example.

It’s not quite sufficient to overpower the Ferrari, even though. The Porsche hits one hundred sixty-five miles according to the hour before Harris shuts it down. It’s now not for lack of effort, although – when the Porsche sooner or later involves rest, it is at the very fringe of the runway, mere feet far away from the water.

While Harris and Leblanc agree that Harris hit the brakes later than Leblanc, the Ferrari was still quicker and still won the day.