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Hyundai Releases New Teaser For An All-New Model At The Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai Releases New Teaser For An All-New Model At The Frankfurt Motor Show 1

The new Hyundai teaser does not reveal much about the auto. However, all we can tell is that it’s likely a hatchback or a compact crossover for the European marketplace. Hyundai Motor Company has just dropped a brand new teaser of a mysterious vehicle.

It’s an all-new version that has been particularly designed for the European market, and it will be previewed at the imminent Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019. Hyundai remains quite close-lipped about this new version and has found no further info but no longer even its frame type.

However, all Hyundai did say become,” we invite clients to “pass huge” with the newcomer, presenting new outdoors and indoors design, in addition to new connectivity and protection functions to make it a frontrunner in its class.”

Car Model

The teaser itself isn’t an awful lot revealing both. From the little that can be seen inside the teaser, we can inform that the automobile’s rear C-pillar phase has been proven right here in the teaser. Some portions of the wraparound tail lamps are visible but what’s glaring is the floating roofline layout. There are also some character lines and smooth curves that may be made out of the teaser.

Looking at the tail lighting fixtures situated pretty near the rear door cut out, it’s guidelines that the auto has a quick rear segment. This approach, it probable, will be a brand new hatchback or maybe a brand new compact crossover. Honestly, it could be something. If it’s a hatchback, it can be the brand new Grand i10 for the European marketplace.

Or if it’s a compact crossover, thinking that Hyundai will not be launching the Venue in Europe, this new model should thoroughly be the Venue’s European counterpart. It also does not seem like a huge automobile and may be placed below the Kona is Hyundai’s European lineup. These kinds of are just speculations, and we will need to wait to find out what it definitely is. And until then, Hyundai could be teasing you with more such pics before it’s miles sooner or later discovered on the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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