Make a pledge to cycle to work throughout Bike Month

Make a pledge to cycle to work throughout Bike Month 1

Did you already know that biking to work instead of riding just one day a week at some point of the year ought to prevent 237kg of carbon emissions and as much as $800 in petrol?

Cycling to work in place of driving on your travel is a win that’s precise on your pockets, fitness, and the planet.

With February being bike month, now could be the right time of 12 months to live gently and make a pledge to get biking.

If you’re not positive about the journey, Auckland Transport has quite a several maps and rides you could try. If you are new to biking, why not check the range of loose Bike Skills and Maintenance Drop-in Sessions around Auckland.


You may want to participate in the annual 2019 Auckland Bike Challenge to win terrific prizes or find out approximately Bike Month for faculties.
About Live Lightly

Live Lightly is a program that encourages Aucklanders to live more sustainably, assisting in attaining our metropolis’s goal of net 0 emissions using 2050.

Live Lightly gives a range of factors you can do to make a nice alternative with a huge effect. Changing how you travel, the energy you operate, the meals you eat, and what you purchase all make a difference.