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Montreal organization partners with Mercedes-Benz for excessive-give up street motorbike

Montreal organization partners with Mercedes-Benz for excessive-give up street motorbike 1

“Oh lord, received’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz motorcycle.”

OK, that’s not pretty how the music goes. However, there may also soon be the purpose for a regionally up to date cowl model of the Janis Joplin traditional — hiya, Arcade Fire?

Montreal cycling business enterprise Argon 18 is partnering with Mercedes-Benz to offer a high-stop avenue motorcycle in shops q4.

“It’s a massive step for us,” stated Argon 18 president and co-founder Gervais Rioux, a former Olympic bicycle owner and 3-time Canadian champion who has been regularly constructing his enterprise because 1989.

“Mercedes-Benz is an agency that makes first-class vehicles. That they would pick paintings with us is a huge honor. They have had bicycles in their name before, however not motorcycles evolved for Mercedes — they have been bikes that already existed and that followed the Mercedes name.

“This motorcycle may be co-evolved with Mercedes, that’s what we desired. In the beginning, they approached us with a request to license our bikes. But because of the communique advanced, they understood that the plan had to involve the two businesses.”

Mercedes Benz

Talks between Argon 18 and Mercedes-Benz began years ago, while Argon 18 took component in Germany’s primary bicycle convention.

“They noticed our bikes and appreciated them,” Rioux explained.

The talks led to a 4-yr bicycle development deal between the two agencies to manufacture several high-give up street bikes merging Mercedes-Benz’s “German design philosophy” and Argon 18’s know-how the biking era.

The partnership’s first product could be the Mercedes-Benz Style Endurance Bike, to be released in the fall.

The silver-frame bicycle will feature a silver-black gradient saddle and a specially-fashioned fork to optimize vibration absorption and manipulate stability.

Two models will be to be had, to begin with: the Ultegra and the Ultegra Di2, provided in six specific sizes. Plans encompass a greater overall performance-oriented version, integrating connectivity and “overall performance software generation,” in line with Rioux.

“It’s a new manner of considering motorcycles,” he said, adding that “whilst you create initiatives with other industries, you provide you with ideas you wouldn’t have the concept or otherwise.”

The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz could have a massive effect on the destiny of Argon 18, Rioux opined, and it’s right for his or her new partner, too.

“It will democratize the (Mercedes-Benz) logo and unfold the Argon 18 call. We want that; we’re no longer but a recognized brand.”

The Mercedes-Benz Style label was created in 2010 with the aim of “pushing the emblem’s revolutionary design idiom and luxury requirements to new frontiers,” in keeping with the company.

“The motorbike blends perfectly with our sensual purity design philosophy, a wedding of emotion and intelligence,” said Martin Bremer, Mercedes-Benz Style’s senior supervisor of design creation emblem experience, in an announcement.

Argon 18 sells 12,000 bicycles consistent with the year, in over eighty nations, with 15 fashions starting from upscale road bikes to music motorcycles, triathlon bicycles, and opposition motorcycles used in the Tour de France.

The Quebec business enterprise is main the partnership with Mercedes, handling 75 to 80 percent of the product line’s design and different technical components. But there is a great deal of back-and-forth, Rioux stated, noting that Argon 18 personnel traveled to Germany this week for conferences approximately the undertaking.

You won’t have the ability to shop for the Ultegra at Mercedes dealerships. While there may be display models to tease curious customers, the bicycles might be bought at Argon 18 motorcycle shops and related outlets around the sector, inside the $5,000 to $6,000 fee range.

The hyperlink between the agencies should appeal to customers from both camps.

“People who love the Mercedes-Benz brand may be capable of treat themselves to a bike with their vehicle,” Rioux stated. “And folks who don’t personal a Mercedes (automobile) can still have a Mercedes product.

Early demand is promising, he noted.

“Our customers everywhere have expressed interest. Our distributors have been buying them, and stores are passing alongside orders. We had a supplier in Geneva, Switzerland, who wanted to buy one right away.