Parts of Highway 37 nonetheless closed by way of flooding troubles

Parts of Highway 37, a primary connector between the Vallejo vicinity and the North Bay, will probably continue to be closed Tuesday whilst street crews try to restore flooding problems, officers stated.

Travel on the toll road has been intricate at first-class considering final week, whilst heavy rains flooded stretches of it and breached a close-by levee in Marin County.

Novato metropolis officials said Monday night that the westbound lanes of the toll road between Atherton Avenue and Highway one zero one would stay closed for the immediate destiny, in addition to one eastbound lane among the 37-Highway a hundred and one interchanges and Novato Creek. They ought to supply no expected time for while the lanes might reopen.

Two groups near Lethbridge are beneath a boil water order from Alberta Health Services after a lack of water stress may also have induced non-potable water to go into the gadget.

Both Edgemoor and the Sunset Acres subdivisions are below the order. AHS says residents “should boil water previous to use” or get water from a water truck supplied by the City of Lethbridge on the west quit of Sunset Lane.