POPULAR ANTHEM Templegate’s racing recommendations: Perth and Stratford

POPULAR ANTHEM Templegate’s racing recommendations: Perth and Stratford 1

BLACK ANTHEM (five. Fifty-five Stratford, nap) gained over fences at Wincanton in February when skilled by way of Brian Barr.

He makes his debut for Richard Newland over hurdles nowadays. His new teacher is excellent at improving new arrivals, and he couldn’t be in a higher form.

POPULAR ANTHEM Templegate’s racing recommendations: Perth and Stratford 3

ROBIN DES PEOPLE (4.10 Stratford, nb) appeared like he would improve an honest bit for his first begin for Fergal O’Brien at Bangor in May. There are extra races in this ex-hunter chaser.

WHAT WILL BE (2.25 Stratford, treble) made a promising hurdles debut at Market Rasen. That enjoyment must be key nowadays.

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  • 2.05 Brice
  • 2.40 Amalfi Doug
  • 3.15 General Allenby
  • 3.50 Callthebarman
  • 4.25 Emerald Rocket
  • 5.00 Boy’s On Tour
  • 5.35 Mrs. Davies


  • 2.25 What Will Be (treble)
  • 3.00 Kadian
  • 3.35 Teqany
  • 4.10 Robin Des People (nb)
  • 4.45 Vinnie’s Getaway
  • 5.20 Regulation
  • 5.55 Black Anthem (nap)

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