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Scotland to Host Mega World Championships in 2023, Will c

Scotland to Host Mega World Championships in 2023, Will c 1

Last 12 months at the Worst Day in Cycling Journalism (TM), we joked about a brand new competition that forces riders to compete in nine exclusive disciplines at the equal event.

Perhaps inspired by our wit, the UCI recently introduced that in 2023 the Glasgow location in Scotland could be hosting the primary-ever UCI Cycling World Championships. The call looks like a bit of an underestimation, with 13 extraordinary disciplines web hosting their World Championships in August 2023 over a length of two weeks. A release from the UCI shows a number of the reasoning behind the introduction of the blended occasion. “Over several weeks, the host town and/or region turns into the authentic cycling capital of the world. Images broadcast international will show off the area to all corners of the globe, whilst the tens of lots of traffic will increase tourism.”

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The new Mega-Worlds UCI Cycling World Championships is slated to grow to be an everyday issue, with the event held every 4 years inside the 12 months before the Summer Olympics. The 13 disciplines to be protected are:

• UCI Road World Championships
• UCI Para-biking Road World Championships
• UCI Track Cycling World Championships offered with the aid of Tissot
• UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships
• UCI Mountain Bike Cross-u. S. A. World Championships presented by using Mercedes-Benz
• UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships supplied by using Mercedes-Benz
• UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships
• UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country Eliminator World Championships
• UCI Trials World Championships
• UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Championships
• UCI BMX World Championships
• UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships
• UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Notably lacking from the listing is Cyclocross Worlds. As of proper now, the ’pass season will not be a part of the huge World Championships event.

For many covered disciplines, the move to August will hardly reason a blip within the schedule. This yr each Road and Mountain Bike Worlds passed off in September, and the Trials and Indoor Cycling World Championships have been in November.

Other occasions, along with Track, which’s holding its World Championships on the cease of the month, will have to modify a piece for the circulate to August.

That is all to mention that transferring Cyclocross Worlds to August would absolutely upend that season’s agenda. Not only might there be the hazard for warm-climate cyclocross racing like we noticed at Jingle Cross in 2016 and both U.S. World Cups in 2017, but it’d additionally vicinity the event before the season even starts of evolved. It would be as if the NFL held the Super Bowl and then played the normal season.

Cyclocross Worlds will stay in its usual time slot due January / early February as a stand-by me occasion. In 2023, the event can be held in Hoogerheide.

As a few commentators have talked about, with full-time cyclocrossers such as Mathieu van der Poel targeting Worlds in other disciplines, the move of Mountain Bike and Road Worlds to August should mean that those athletes may want to get spoil in and then begin racing cyclocross on the begin of the season. It may also permit road and mountain motorbike stars like Jolanda Neff and Lucinda Brand to start their cyclocross seasons earlier throughout the one’s years.