Cars, vehicles and motorcycles brace for war as Silk Way Rally enters China

Cars, vehicles and motorcycles brace for war as Silk Way Rally enters China 1

The 2019 Silk Way Rally crossed the border from Mongolia today and entered China, with the non-aggressive Stage 7 predominantly concerning the transition and customs tactics.

Looking lower back on the first six aggressive levels to date, Argentina’s Kevin Benavides (Monster Energy Honda Team) received the ancient first level inside the first-ever Silk Way Rally open to motorcycles.

But Great Britain’s Sam Sunderland (Red Bull KTM Factory) has been sincerely flawless over the primary degrees and has the overall lead inside the bikes category.

In the vehicle class, Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota Gazoo Racing Overdrive) and co-driving force Mathieu Baumel were on a fireplace, dominating from the start with six wins over six levels.

We’ve visible some fantastic riding as drivers and riders have needed to take care of all sorts of annoying conditions over the first six days, from muddy forests to dusty trails.

MAZ and KAMAZ have had a non-prevent war for the lead in the vehicles because the start and competition among them remain as strong as ever. With 3 victories out of 6 levels and a basic leader since the first day, Siarhey Viazovich (MAZ) has given the Kamaz-Master group a difficult time.

Unused to such resistance, Andrei Karginov (KAMAZ), winner of the last edition in Russia, Anton Shibalov, and Airat Mardeev (winner in 2012 and 2016) have released several unsuccessful offensives. For Viazovich and his crimson lengthy-nose truck, there’s absolute confidence; the final victory may be determined in the Gobi Desert. “It all relies upon what the conditions will be like on these three ultimate tiers,” he admits.
But there may also be lots of drama. Russian racer Anastasia Nifontova became just one rider who had an unpleasant crash. She needed to be airlifted for medical treatment but luckily escaped with a fractured clavicle.

There turned into a close escape for Joan Barreda, who crashed his Honda while trying to overtake Luciano Benavides. Fortunately, simplest the motorbike turned into broken, and he controlled to complete the level.

And with -thirds of this yr’s Silk Way Rally covered, it is nonetheless extensive open for frontrunners inside the trucks, vehicles, and motorcycles categories as more than 1,800 kilometers stay over the next three ranges in China, with an interesting epilogue waiting for inside the coronary heart of the large dunes of the Gobi Desert.

_”In China, the scenery will change completely. The ground will become extra arid, and the competitors will discover conditions not multiple to Morocco. They’ll need to look out for sharp stones, and we will get into the sand on the first Chinese stage, with the second one, between Alashan and Jiayuguan, being a hundred% sand with the famous giant dunes. The driving fashion will exchange, and the navigation turns into lots more complicated in places. Where the gaps may be counted in minutes in Siberia and Mongolia, they can from time to time be calculated in hours inside the dunes,” _said SWR Sport’s advisor Luc Alphand.

“In the motors and the bikes, Nasser (Al-Attiyah) and Sam (Sunderland) have managed to build up a lead to permit them to tackle what is to come back without having to hurry at it. But they know that the whole lot ought to unravel if they get stuck within the sand or make a massive navigation mistake. Even if they have experience in the dunes, neither of them knows the Gobi Desert. Knowing the dedication of the Kamaz-Master team, Viazovich gained’t be capable of sleep easy till the very last end line in Dunhuang,” he brought.

Tomorrow’s Stage 8 has a complete distance of 785 kilometers. The 8th degree is not only the longest, however additionally the toughest one, because it gives a full sort of surfaces. The first excessive dunes will set a preliminary venture for those with little using revel in. After catching the right course, they may face a selection of recent obstacles – not simply sand, however additionally dry riverbeds, ravines, canyons, and steppes.

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