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The Next Mercedes-Benz SL Will Attempt to Return the Once-Legendary Roadster to Greatness

The Next Mercedes-Benz SL Will Attempt to Return the Once-Legendary Roadster to Greatness 1

The next-era Mercedes-Benz SL may try to restore the once-legendary Benz roadster to its former luster using the manner of a material pinnacle and small but usable rear seats.

Fully developed by way of AMG in Affalterbach, the next-gen SL might be primarily based on a stretched and carefully updated model of the structure under the 2-seat AMG GT, which itself is going again to the gull-winged SLS AMG. Seems fitting. And but this reinvention may be greater in the spirit of a grand tourer for two reasons: Mercedes needs to distinguish it from the GT roadster, and the SL will, in the end, update the S-magnificence cabriolet.

Mercedes Benz

Sadly, the new car might not get the outgoing SL’s 12-cylinder, which Mercedes silently removed from the order sheet in mid-2018, but turbocharged immediately-sixes and V-8s with forty-eight-volt hybrid help will make sure that the SL would not lack for strength or torque.

The SL is a long way sufficient from the past glories that it’s approximately to start appearing in daytime TV commercials contrary to prevalent cool animated film characters. But as the descendant of the 300SL Gullwing, it wears one of the logo’s, if now not the automotive world’s, finest nameplates. In other words, it best subjects as love do, or as do sunny days with the sound of kids at play. Sales of the contemporary SL have tanked. The subsequent one desires to be much less homely. But even that may not be enough; by the point the auto comes out, the global target market for large traditional convertibles would possibly all match right into a single four-seat SL.

It can be unveiled in 2021 as a 2022 version. Six-cylinder versions will begin just underneath $ hundred,000.

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