The Sigma fp is a modular digicam, and right here are nine add-ons to get began with

Appearances may be deceptive. Straight out of the container, the Sigma FP appears cute and compact, however also rather fundamental. It’s all thoroughly for Sigma to mention that it’s been designed to be small, light and modular, however, compared to it’s set up full-frame opponents, it does the appearance, well, a chunk minimal. There’s no longer even a digital viewfinder, for heaven’s sake.

But the superb new Sigma FP isn’t like regular stills or hybrid stills/video cameras. It’s were given extra in commonplace with module professional pictures and videography structures, wherein you add the accessories and components you want on a job-by using-job basis.

You can get the concept from this respectable Sigma promotional video (below), which indicates the Sigma FP in all forms of unique configurations for studio pictures, cinematography and easy handheld use.

It is without delay well suited with L-Mount lenses (including three new Sigma L-Mount lenses launched at the equal day because of the Sigma FP) and Sigma SA or even Canon EF lenses through Sigma’s MC-21 adaptors (underneath). It also can work with Sigma flashguns and normal lighting fixtures equipment via add-on adaptors and mounts. If Sigma wishes the FP to rank among the exceptional mirrorless cameras or even the quality 4K cameras for filmmaking, then this expandability can be essential.

So just to offer you a concept of the growth alternatives to be had, here are nine add-ons announced along the Sigma up to help you adapt and enlarge the machine in line with your wishes.
1. Sigma Hot Shoe Unit HU-11 (Supplied)
The Sigma FP doesn’t have a hot shoe included into the frame, however you get this hotshoe adaptor with the digicam, which screws directly to the body when you want it – and unscrews for a neater, simpler digicam profile while you don’t.
2. Sigma LCD View Finder LVF-11

The Sigma FP doesn’t have a viewfinder constructed in, and Sigma isn’t always presenting a clip-on accessory digital viewfinder of the regular type. Instead, it has this – a much larger viewfinder accessory that suits over the rear screen cuts out extraneous mild and gives 2.5x magnification.
3. Sigma Base Plate BPL-11
This is supplied with the LVF-eleven View Finder (above) however will also be bought one at a time. It attaches to the Sigma FP and then gives a mounting point for all varieties of accessories (not just the LVF-eleven) thru a trendy ⅜-inch thread.
Four. Sigma Hand Grip HG-eleven

The Sigma FP is designed to be small and compact, however, now and then you may need it to be simply that little bit simpler to grip, specifically if you’re the usage of large, heavier lenses. The HG-eleven Hand Grip offers you an advanced keep while you want it, and may be indifferent while you don’t.
5. Sigma Large Hand Grip HG-21
The HG-eleven Hand grip gives a raised profiled floor for a higher grip, however that might not be enough for large cine lenses or telephotos, and that’s where the HG-21 comes in. It’s a miles larger removable handgrip that screws to the bottom the digicam and provides a complete-height grip on the aspect.
6. Sigma Cable Release CR-forty one
This cable release is designed for the Sigma FP but appears pretty much like any other – besides this one has a three.5mm microphone socket built in to offer an alternative mic enter to the stereo mics built into the camera frame.
7. Sigma Electronic Flash EF-630 SA-STTL
This Sigma flash isn’t new or designed particularly for the Sigma FP – but it’s going to paintings immediately with Sigma’s new digital camera. All you want (we presume) is the Sigma Hot Shoe Unit HU-eleven that’s included inside the box with the digital camera.
8. Sigma Mount Converter MC-21
This is another Sigma product that’s on sale already but takes on greater importance with the launch of the Sigma FP. It makes it possible to apply present Sigma SA mount lenses at the fp, or Canon EF lenses.
Nine. Sigma Base Grip BG-11
Video shooters generally tend not to hold and guide cameras inside the equal manner as stills photographers. Many videographers prefer a vertical handgrip attached to the base of the digital camera. It’s a lot more stable and at ease for one-exceeded filming, even at arm’s duration.

No doubt there may be many greater add-ons to come for the Sigma FP, but already it’s very clear that although this looks like quite a stripped-again, fundamental type of digital camera, its modular design honestly allows a huge variety of configurations, setups and uses. We can’t wait to try it out!