Bike taxis now truth in Chandigarh

Bike taxis now truth in Chandigarh 1

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh administration Wednesday gave its nod for motorbike taxis operation inside the city, officials said right here.

For running a motorcycle as a taxi, the applicant must be a character or firm registered beneath the Partnership Act, 1932 or a corporation registered underneath the Companies Act, 2013, they said.

Among other conditions, the word ‘motorbike taxi’ will be predominantly written at the car, and it will be outfitted with a yellow quantity plate for identification, professional said.


The motorcycle taxi will convey a primary-aid box, and both motive force and pillion rider shall put on helmets with ISI mark, they said.

“Decent standards of comfort and cleanliness shall be maintained,” officers informed.
The motorcycle for which the permit could be granted has to be registered as a commercial automobile, and the applicant shall observe all relevant policies and rules prescribed beneath the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, they said.

Police verification of the driver could be the need to and vehicle no longer extra than seven 12 months antique may be used as a motorbike taxi, officers said.

Some Bridges Like Bikes

I become astounded and impressed to locate that the Dumbarton is the only Transbay bridge with a bicycle/pedestrian lane all the manner across. A heartening truth in the face of the latest Bay Bridge reconstruction’s new bicycle/pedestrian bridge from Oakland to Treasure Island, but no longer beyond (aka a “bridge to nowhere”).

Anyway, for the first few weeks of April, this plan labored excellent. If I got up early enough, I might BART down and cycle throughout the Dumbarton. The entire journey took ninety minutes; however, who is counting while this includes exercising? (aka a reprieve from a fitness center goes to).

Some Buses Like Bikes

Whenever I woke up late, I might bus throughout with my bike in a bus rack, and the complete ride took 70 mins.

Neither choice changed into first-rate-speed. However, because visitor jams may want to make a car trip closing 90minutess or more, neither wasn’t terrible. Not to mention, one may want to fill the entire time with internet-surfing or reading, instead of using.

The Reality

Then Spring hit. It stopped raining and warmed up sufficient so that other cyclists commenced having the same idea for crossing the Dumbarton. This ensured that the Dumbarton Express bus racks were constantly complete. I tried getting to it a touch early, but no cube: still complete. After all, there were the most effective two racks.

I quickly realized that the Dumbarton bus path was now not a dependable cyclist option, given the confined ability. This produced a real bind. I did not have time to cycle the bridge every day, and I couldn’t reliably stand up early enough to beat the motorcycle crowds to the Dumbarton Express bus.

Hefty Hiatus

Right about that point, a person requested me to carpool, so I took a bike-commuting-hiatus. However, this felt extra restrictive than all of the bicycle curfews I changed into warding off. No longer ought to I live overdue at paintings or run errands at lunch with my motorbike. Carpooling wasn’t working, but, via then, I had virtually fallen off the wagon with early growing, so it felt like I couldn’t turn again. Months handed. I won 10 kilos. I had didn’t update the cycling with any other form of workout. This wouldn’t do.

The New Solution

After attempting and failing to get BART to boost their rush hour motorbike curfew, I all at once found out that BART’s curfew excluded folding bikes. I researched those and found nearly all to be sorely lacking in sturdiness and pace. The one exception changed into a new technology of bikes coming from an agency called Tern.