Man Missed Jail Food and Friends So Much that He Stole a Bike to Go Back to Prison

Man Missed Jail Food and Friends So Much that He Stole a Bike to Go Back to Prison 1

A 52-year-antique guy from Chennai turned into missing jail a lot that he decided to find a way to return in. For Gnanaprakasam, prison supposed a roof over his head, 3 square meals an afternoon, and pals to hang-out with him.

The guy, who had been lodged in Puzhal jail for theft in March, changed into released on bail, and being ‘homesick’ for imprisonment, decided to move lower back in.

With an aim in the direction of reaching this cease, Gnanaprakasam stole a motorcycle, petrol from parked cars and deliberately flashed his face in front of CCTV cameras simply so that he can be arrested again.


Times of India quoted assistant commissioner of police P Asokan from Tambaram pronouncing that Gnanaprakasam decided to take the step when you consider that he turned into no longer very glad to be home as his own family did no longer contend with him. According to Asokan, he Gnanaprakasam advised them that not like home, nobody in jail referred to as him lazy, plus he changed into lacking his buddies and jail meals.

Gnanaprakasam have been launched on bail, on June 29 after three months in prison for a case of theft in March.

According to a police officer who spoke to TOI, the convict instructed police that lifestyles changed into now not smooth for him submit launch as his spouse and kids had been abusing him.

Gnanaprakasam first stole a motorbike from Kailasapuram First Street in West Tambaram, ensuring that a CCTV digicam caught him in the act and started out roaming the town. Whenever the motorbike ran out of gas, he stole petrol from motors parked on the street, his statement examine.

Finally, he changed into caught stealing petrol from a bike close to Tambaram following which humans exceeded him over to police.

During interrogation, the desperate thief stated he had stolen not simply petrol hbut alsothe motorbike, just to get arrested.
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