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Cairn Housing Association celebrates 10 years of care restore scheme

Cairn Housing Association celebrates 10 years of care restore scheme 1

Cairn Housing Association set up its Handyperson service in 2009 on behalf of Highland Council to help non-public domestic proprietors throughout the place by wearing out small upkeep and variations.

It commenced out with simply one part-time assistant; however, it changed into quickly agreed that the service should help the NHS with discharge offerings via assisting install items, which include snatch rails and restroom aids.

The service now has five group members to help elderly and disabled people with tasks around their homes to make sure Cairn’s clients can revel in a valuable presenting and feel secure and at ease.

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Over the past ten years, the Handyperson scheme has helped 6367 customers and completed 15,165 jobs to permit humans to stay at domestic rather than face admission to the sanatorium – saving the NHS an expected £6,066,000.

Jason MacGilp, chief executive of Cairn Housing Group, stated: “We’re delighted with our Handyperson service and the exceptional assistance it offers to people throughout Highland.

“We’re passionate about imparting a super price provider to customers inside our communities, and the Handyperson crew do that and more.

“I’d want to thank the team for his or her crucial difficult paintings and the commitment they display on a day by day foundation to make people’s lives better.”

The average price of a Handyperson task is £42; this means that over the past ten years, the cost of labor achieved via the group is £636,930. Last yr, 1834 jobs have been completed, including step alterations and handrail fittings, among many other family duties. To have a good time on the tenth anniversary, the team hosted a bake sale that raised cash for Kids.

Tony Orr, care and repair supervisor at Cairn Housing Association, stated: “It’s so worthwhile to recognize that our hard paintings make this sort of difference to the everyday lives of so many humans.

“Many matters that loads of human beings take without any consideration can show to be a real struggle for some, so it’s great to help people preserve as a whole lot independence as possible. We had been thrilled to elevate cash from our bake sale, and we have additionally agreed to volunteer some handyperson obligations to the very worthwhile charity, Chip – a registered charity presenting a primary-prevent shop to the families of kids and young humans with extra wishes.”

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