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Riveting with double-flanged polypropylene suture helps restore iridodialysis

Riveting with double-flanged polypropylene suture helps restore iridodialysis 1

Iridodialysis is regularly an observed scientific signal seen in cases with trauma. Occasionally it could be iatrogenic in nature, too. Numerous techniques had been defined for the repair of iridodialysis. Mami Kusaka and Masayuki Akimoto from Japan lately described iridodialysis restoration using riveting with double-flanged polypropylene sutures. The method derives its concept from the flanged fixation of an IOL defined via Shin Yamane.

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A 30-gauge needle, a 6-zero Prolene suture, and a low-temperature cautery are crucial to perform this approach. For flange creation, the needle is reduced off from the suture stop, and the future is finally reduced into pieces of around 7 cm to nine cm, depending on the quantity of iris disinsertion. One suture piece is needed to approximate the iris at any individual given factor.

One suture piece is taken, and a low-temperature cautery is introduced towards the suture quit creating a bulb. The bulb is pressed with forceps, and a flat flange is created (Figures 1a to 1c). Kusaka and Akimoto endorse making a bulb that involves heating the suture become to three cm.

A scleral groove is made alongside the iridodialysis duration, and a 30-gauge needle is exceeded from the scleral groove into the anterior chamber. The needle engages the disinserted iris’s peripheral base, and the other end of the flanged suture is introduced from the corneal entry and is threaded into the 30-gauge needle. The needle is withdrawn, thereby pulling the suture at the side of it. The suture cease is pulled, and the flange lies alongside the disinserted base (Figures 1a to 1f). The free end of the suture on the scleral facet is heated with a low-temperature cautery, and a flange is created on the alternative aspect as nicely (Figure 2). Thus, the flanges on both sides of the iris base keep the iris tissue to the sclera and prevent it from slipping (Figures 3 and four).

Thus, suturing of the iris to the base isn’t always wanted and is avoided, thereby overcoming the complexities associated with suture knots.

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