Review: The $126,000 2019 BMW M850i convertible isn’t really worth the cash

Review: The $126,000 2019 BMW M850i convertible isn’t really worth the cash 1

When we first noticed the BMW M850i, we weren’t quite sure what it was. The massive, V-eight -the door could have been a comfortable luxury journey, a hardcore sports automobile, or somewhere in among.

Now, after spending every week with the convertible model, we’re nevertheless no longer positive about what this vehicle desires to be. It’s relaxed, quiet and nicely-appointed. However, there’s nothing so special going on here that we’d advocate the $126,395 convertible we tested.

Review: The $126,000 2019 BMW M850i convertible isn’t really worth the cash 3

The Desirable

For that money, you’re getting a whole lot of capabilities and some serious oomph. It’s got BMW’s modern suite of driver-assistance capabilities, a current iDrive infotainment setup, acres of leather-based, and a healthful dose of stainless steel trim with aluminum accents.

Our tester additionally had the glass controls choice, which glitzes up the shifter, start-and-prevent button, iDrive controller, and other info with elaborate glass detailing. You’ll additionally discover comfortable, heated, and cooled seats and adaptive suspension.

Power comes from a 523-horsepower, 4.4-liter turbocharged V-8 and arrives in any respect four wheels through BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-power device. Not handiest are all 4 wheels powered, but all 4 wheels also make contributions to steering responsibilities. At low speeds, the rear wheels will turn the other fronts’ other route to make the big Bavarian vehicle extra maneuverable when the speed picks up, the rear guidance device movements in the same route as the front wheels to increase balance.

A lot of data, but all of it basically means the identical thing: the M850i is constructed for excessive-pace, grand journeying. It’s powerful at high speeds — with the top up — shockingly quiet for a convertible. Taken as a whole, with the mixture of a nice interior, fantastic seats, desirable road manners, and a semi-self-sufficient driver assistance system, the M850i is exceptional for move-kingdom limited-access highway hauling.

And we have to say that it’s handled the transition to convertible life well. The pinnacle can open or close in 15 seconds at hurries up to 30 mph. The wind is nicely controlled with the top down as long as you hold windows up and the wind deflector in location. It’s well worth noting that the wind deflector covers up the back seats. The $400 neck hotter is a should-have for cool weather cruising.

Plus, the M850i is a pretty car. We think it looks higher as a coupe. However, the convertible model remains attractive.
The terrible

As the length of the previous phase betrays, there are loads to love, approximately a pretty convertible going zero to 60 in 3. Eight seconds and remains comfortable at the motorway. But during the week, we couldn’t discover whatever to like.

The vehicle handles well, as an example, but it feels heavy and tired of dynamic use. There’s no steering wheel to speak of, a particular difficulty when the 4-wheel-steering system makes the behavior of the M850i tough to expect. It’s difficult to look at how this thing bears the equal badge as the telepathic M2 Competition.

Of direction, the M850i is way bigger than the M2 and isn’t even the most aggressive model of the eight Series that BMW has planned. An M8 or even extra hardcore M8 Competition is inbound to cure the dynamic failings of the M850i, so maybe you shouldn’t assume this to be the quality using coupe.

Maybe it’d be higher if you disregarded the M in the front of the call, which implies that the 850i is an overall performance version. Taken as a luxurious coupe, though, it doesn’t pretty keep up.

The indoors is first-class, however at $126,395, it desires to blow you away. It doesn’t. The cabin is just another model of the identical simple BMW layout that has been in production for the reason that Dark Ages. It’ll take greater than a $650 glass controls package deal to make this look worth this charge point.

Plus, the M850i convertible has usability foibles that BMW typically avoids. The power pinnacle manage, which may be activated on the move, is the same in size and form as the parking brake control that sits inches to its left. At one point, looking to perform the top at approximately 10 mph, we by accident brought on a massive lurch because the parking brake engaged.

It additionally comes with aspect collision avoidance, designed to protect you from cars sideswiping you. We’re large proponents of active protection capabilities and trust that mitigating injuries is pinnacle precedence. Unfortunately, this gadget needs numerous paintings.

Especially when passing huge tractor-trailers, the M850i receives spooked and violently jerks away. Though the system activated multiple times throughout our evaluation, we by no means felt like the car turned into about to be sideswiped. As it stands, we’d likely flip the feature off.