Datsun Go, NP200 most inexpensive cars to service and repair

Datsun Go, NP200 most inexpensive cars to service and repair 1

The Datsun Go is the most inexpensive passenger automobile to a provider. According to the 2019 Automobile Association (AA)-Kinsey Report on vehicle components, servicing, and repair prices, it restores in South Africa, compiled via Malcolm Kinsey.

Datsun Go, NP200 most inexpensive cars to service and repair 3

The report no longer covers one hundred% of the market but encompasses the greater popular models, with seventy-two automobiles blanketed on this yr’s survey.

Kinsey notes a sharp surge in elements pricing due to the fact 2017, while the ultimate report appeared.

“An access-stage Datsun Go, for instance, had a total components basket of R44 372 in 2017. This yr it’s miles R63 310 – a nearly 43% boom.

“Similarly, the Volvo S60 had a parts basket price of R159 862 in 2017. The modern-day rate is R214 362 – a 34% increase.”

Here are a number of the category winners:

For town vehicles and access-level vehicles, the Datsun Go is the overall winner of this class with a combined parts basket total of R63 310, followed through the Renault Kwid and the Ford Figo in 2nd and third locations.

The order is the same for repair costs.

The best servicing fee rate goes to the Datsun, accompanied by the Honda Brio and the Suzuki Swift aid.

Toyota receives its first mention within the crash elements phase in a close contest, with the Etios pipping the Figo and the Go to the put up.

Renault Sandero proprietors might be thrilled to recognize that their vehicle heads the list of having the most low-priced components basket in the terrific mini category. The Toyota Yaris is 2nd, with the Ford Fiesta third.

The Nissan Micra heads the servicing phase, observed by using the Renaults – the Clio and the Sandero.

Repairing the Micra is the most inexpensive in this category, with the Volkswagen Polo second and the Sandero 0.33.

The Sandero is the least pricey for crash elements, with the Fiesta squeezing out the Yaris for the 2nd region.

The group is headed through the Toyota Fortuner for its components basket in the crossover category, accompanied by using the Haval and the Subaru Forester.

First within the servicing phase is the Nissan X-Trail, followed with the aid of the Fortuner and the Forester.

The Forester leads the way within the restored class. The second is the newcomer, the Opel Grantland, and the third the Haval.

On the coincidence, the front, the domestically produced Fortuner has a considerable fee benefit over the Haval in 2nd area, with the Ford Kuga in the third spot.

In the double-cab phase, the winner for its combined parts basket rate is the Toyota Hilux, in advance of the Isuzu D-Max and the GWM Steed 6.

Servicing honors go to the Hilux, observed with the GWM Steed 6 and the Isuzu D-Max aid.

For repair paintings, Isuzu is in advance of the Hilux and Ford Ranger.

The dreaded fender benders are much less costly in a Hilux – R69 646 – in preference to an Isuzu at R77 803 and the Steed 6 at R77 860.

For single cab elements baskets, the Nissan NP300 comes out tops, observed through the Isuzu D-Max and the Toyota Hilux.

Servicing expenses are the least high priced for the NP300, observed by the Isuzu.

The Isuzu D-Max is the most aggressive for restore parts, with the NP300 and the Hilux tied for a 2d spot.

Crash parts are least painful if you very own an NP300, with Hilux and Isuzu second and 1/3, respectively.

The least highly-priced automobile of all automobiles to the carrier and restore in this yr’s survey is the NP200 – South Africa’s most effective last half-ton bakkie, constructed in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

Its overall parts basket price is R49 823.