McLaren Tested The F1’s BMW-Developed, 6.1-Liter V12 In An M5 Touring

McLaren Tested The F1’s BMW-Developed, 6.1-Liter V12 In An M5 Touring 1

The McLaren F1 is rightfully considered one of the best cars ever constructed, but bringing the British supercar to lifestyles did require some progressive wondering.

During the latest episode of Chris Harris’ ‘Collecting Cars’ podcast, the experienced automotive journalist and Top Gear host sat down with the previous director of McLaren’s race and road cars, David Clark.

While running for McLaren, Clark became the person tasked with selling the long-lasting F1 when it was new and also had the possibility to get up near with its development.


One of the maximum thrilling pieces of data shared with Clark’s aid is how the vehicle’s 6.1-litre, obviously aspirated V12 that become constructed via BMW became surely shoehorned into an E34-technology M5 Touring for trying out.

Eager to put the powertrain thru its paces without bolting it into the shell of a McLaren F1 prototype, the improvement group selected the M5. They used this single prototype to exceptional-song the S70 V12 engine and ended up extracting 627 hp and 479 lb-feet (649 lb-feet) of torque from it.

Another tidbit found out by using Clark to Harris is that the real McLaren F1-powered M5 Touring check mule nonetheless exists but is presently saved in BMW’s secret collection of prototypes. It has in no way been shown to the public; however, if BMW ever does decide to open the doors to its collection, you may rest confident that a few people could be inclined to pay a big amount of money to accumulate it.

The Vorsteiner line of aerodynamics for the E46 M3 and E92 M3 will offer a functional layout and light-weight carbon fiber creation. The Vorsteiner Aero Bootlid for the E92 M3 is a popular addition that reduces weight and improves downforce due to the expanded rear spoiler. Vorsteiner has raised the bar with the Vorsteiner GTRS3 Widebody kit, a custom light-weight widebody package for the E92 M3. This package will allow for wider wheels and progressed drag coefficient for optimum overall performance on or off the road.

BMW M3 Wheels

The BMW M department presents a totally lightweight 19″ cast package deal for their E92 M3, but many choose three-pieces solid, 1 piece monoblock or lightweight track wheels to less unsprung weight. Among the maximum popular alternatives encompass the ADV forged wheels, Vorsteiner cast wheels, HRE forged wheels, DPE cast wheels, ADVAN forged wheels for BMW, and lots extra. These are custom produced to reserve and provide a larger diameter without growing weight. This could impact maintaining the inventory BMW overall performance even as improving the seems and handling of your car with wider wheels and tires.

BMW M3 Suspension

The BMW M department spends a brilliant amount on R&D for the perfect BMW M3 suspension. However, it can be improved upon with numerous alternatives and H&R Sport Springs for the BMW M3, E92 M3 RD Sport Springs, and the Eibach Pro-Kit for the BMW M3. These are spring kits that paintings with the manufacturing facility shocks and EDC system to decrease the car’s advanced look and decrease the middle of gravity. The combination of look and overall performance development is trendy among BMW M3 owners.

If you are after an adjustable suspension setup for your BMW M3, then the nice option is coilers, including KW Coilovers for BMW, H&R Coilovers for BMW, and Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs. These are peak and, in some instances, rebound and compression adjustable to exchange the ride peak and trip first-class.